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  • Bassem Youssef - FBI Whistleblower

Bassem Youssef

By KKC Staff|August 13th, 2019|

Bassem Youssef is currently a retired Unit Chief in the Federal Bureau of Investigation Counterterrorism Division. He coordinated major investigation ...

  • Frederic Whitehurst - FBI Whistleblower

Frederic Whitehurst

By KKC Staff|May 10th, 2019|

Frederic Whitehurst had what it takes to change the FBI forever. A highly decorated three tour veteran of the Vietnam War, the youngest recipient of the Navy Medal for Heroism, a Ph.D. From Duke University in Chemistry, along with a Post Doc. Degree from Texas A&M. He advanced quickly up the ranks of the FBI and soon became a Supervisory Special Agent and the FBI’s top explosive expert. By the time his whistleblowing was done, he had forced the FBI to accredit its laboratory and obtained outside oversight of the FBI for the first time in history. His whistleblower case forced President Clinton to issue a directive granting whistleblower rights to every FBI agent. Whitehurst obtained a record-breaking $1.4 million settlement with the government.

  • Robert Kobus - FBI Whistleblower

Robert Kobus

By KKC Staff|April 28th, 2019|

FBI Operations Manager Robert Kobus has served as a loyal and dedicated FBI employee for more than thirty-four years. Mr. Kobus has led a celebrated ...

  • John Roberts - FBI Whistleblower

John Roberts

By KKC Staff|April 28th, 2019|

John Roberts is an FBI whistleblower who exposed misconduct in high-profile cases and was retaliated against after appearing in an episode of 60 Minutes.