Project Description

FBI Operations Manager Robert Kobus has served as a loyal and dedicated FBI employee for more than thirty-four years.

Mr. Kobus has led a celebrated career at the FBI, receiving nominations from the FBI Directors and Federal Executive Board to be named Outstanding Supervisor of the Year, as well as numerous other awards during his career. Mr. Kobus attributes his dedication to making sure the FBI runs as effectively as possible has stemmed from the loss of his only sibling, Deborah Kobus to the 9/11 attacks.

When Robert Kobus discovered that FBI officials were falsifying time records, he thought he was just doing his job well by raising the issue. However, severe retaliation followed. Mr. Kobus and his family had to endure over 9 years of humiliation and stress before his case was resolved.

Today, Mr. Kobus remains steadfast in his mission to seek reforms within the FBI to ensure no other employees are retaliated against for doing what they are required to do; report fraud, waste and abuse.