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SEC Whistleblower Attorney

Working closely with the SEC Office of the Whistleblower, our SEC whistleblower lawyers helped write and modernize whistleblower rules so those who report securities fraud may be entitled to receive monetary awards.

For over 30 years, our SEC whistleblower lawyers have been representing whistleblowers who report violations of federal securities law. Such violations include manipulation of securities, ponzi schemes, insider trading, abusive naked short selling, money laundering, and other financial manipulation.

We work closely with securities whistleblowers to help them file whistleblower complaints (“TCRs”) and apply for rewards under the SEC Whistleblower Reward Program. These awards can range anywhere between 10 and 30 percent when the monetary sanctions exceed 1 million. Since the firms inception, our SEC whistleblowers have triggered over $1.5 billion in recoveries under the securities laws and related criminal laws.

However, we’re more than just SEC whistleblower attorneys, we’re public advocates work to improve the outcomes for whistleblowers around the world. Our SEC whistleblower lawyers were highly involved in the Dodd-Frank lawmaking process. Founding partners of Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto met with each of the five SEC Commissioners, presenting them with detailed reports and proposals setting forth rules that were crucial to make the law work for Dodd-Frank whistleblowers, and as intended by Congress.

If you’re looking for an experienced SEC whistleblower attorney, look no further than Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto. Our firm has has over 30 years of experience and will be able to walk you through the process of blowing the whistle and filing for a whistleblower award.

If you have original information that could lead to sanctions against a company or individual, get in touch with us today for a confidential case review. We’ll be able to help you understand your rights and file a whistleblower claim.

SEC Whistleblower Cases

  • SEC Whistleblower

    SEC Dodd-Frank Act Confidential Informant. Protecting the confidentiality of Wall Street whistleblowers is among the most important breakthroughs in federal whistleblower law. Under the Dodd-Frank Act, whistleblowers can file anonymous cases, and everything about their case, including who they sued, remains secret.

    Our SEC whistleblower law firm has prevailed in significant cases, including one of the largest SEC awards granted to date. To maintain the secrecy of this whistleblower, we can only report that he or she obtained a reward within the top-five ever given by the SEC – a whistleblower informant award of over $30 million.

  • SEC Confidential Whistleblower

    Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto represented an anonymous whistleblower, who on May 17, 2021, received a whistleblower award of almost $13.5 million. The SEC Issues More Than $31 Million in Whistleblower Awards related to this case, which involved securities law violations.

    Founding partner KKC Stephen M. Kohn commended this whistleblower for his or her courage, perseverance, and determination for speaking out against the fraudster. The whistleblower was compensated for the years of sacrifice and suffering, and will continue seeking full justice.

    Awards such as these further demonstrate that the Dodd-Frank Act whistleblower laws covering securities, commodities and foreign bribery crimes work. They deter crime, put fraudster in jail, recover billions for investors, and protect the integrity of the markets. The SEC has created the safest reporting system ever devised to incentivize the disclosure of fraud.

  • Top 5 SEC Awards Granted

    We've prevailed in multiple SEC whistleblower cases, resulting in over $125 million in preliminary or final rewards.

Qualifying as an SEC Whistleblower

Almost any individual (or multiple individuals), both U.S. citizens and foreign nationals, within or outside of an organization are eligible to become an SEC whistleblower.

Whistleblowers may be eligible for an award when they voluntarily provide the SEC with original, timely, and credible information that leads to a successful enforcement action. Whistleblower awards can range from 10 to 30 percent of the money collected when the monetary sanctions exceed $1 million.

“I want to note our appreciation to whistleblowers who, sometimes at great risk to their livelihood, report suspected securities laws violations to the SEC. Our whistleblower program has been a success because of their efforts. Working together, we have stopped frauds and prevented losses for countless investors”

Mr. Jay Clayton, Chairman, SEC

“The SEC whistleblower program…has rapidly become a tremendously effective force-multiplier, generating high quality tips, and in some cases virtual blueprints laying out an entire enterprise, directing us to the heart of the alleged fraud.”

Chairman Mary Jo White, Securities and Exchange Commission, Remarks at the Securities Enforcement Forum, Washington DC (October 2013)

Whistleblower Retaliation

Under the SEC whistleblower program, It is illegal for employers to terminate, demote, discriminate or harass a whistleblower for engaging in a protective activity, such as reporting fraud. SEC whistleblowers may assist the SEC in any investigation or proceeding based on the information submitted in the claim.

SEC Whistleblowers who have ben retaliated against, may report their concerns to the SEC, and potentially bring an enforcement action against the company. To view a current list of sec enforcement actions, please refer to the SEC’s litigation page.

You can find more information about the Dodd-Frank whistleblower protections and rewards, including the time period by which a whistleblower must file a private action in federal court, in Section 922 of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Also, under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, you may be entitled to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor if you are retaliated against for reporting possible securities law violations. For more details on filing whistleblower complaints under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, please visit the Department of Labor’s whistleblower website.

For more information about retaliation, please see the retaliation section of the website.

Whistleblower Attorney Fees

Many whistleblower law firms and attorneys work for a “contingency” fee. The client does not have to pay any advance attorney fees. If the whistleblower loses his or her case, they do not owe the attorney any money. A typical contingency fee for a whistleblower attorney is between 30-40% of the amount awarded. Learn more about how we work on contingency and view our whistleblower attorney fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SEC whistleblower reward program provides monetary “rewards” to individuals or groups of individuals who’s information leads to a successful action against another company or individual in violation of the Securities Exchange Act.

This may include insider trading, ponzi schemes, unregistered securities, and other fraud against investors or market manipulation. Rewards are between 15 and 30 percentage of the total sanctions collected from the fraud.

SEC awards are determined based on the quality and timeliness of the information provided by the SEC whistleblower. The more credible and timely the information, the greater the rewards. However, there are several other factors that are used to determine award amounts, including such criteria as the whistleblowers’ connection to the fraud, the depth and quality of information provided to the SEC, or whether someone has already blown the whistle.

In most cases, an SEC whistleblower attorney will agree to represent whistleblowers in exchange for obtaining a percentage of a final recovery, which could be in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Clients are not required to pay any upfront attorney’s fees and owe nothing if the firm is unable to obtain a recovery or award on their behalf. In this manner, attorneys can represent whistleblowers regardless of whether they can afford attorney’s fees.

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