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  • Bunny Greenhouse - Government Procurement Fraud

Bunnatine “Bunny” Greenhouse

By KKC Staff|September 8th, 2019|

Bunnatine “Bunny” Greenhouse exposed Government Procurement Fraud. She objected to illegal no-bid contracts between Halliburton and the Army Corps of Engineers for the reconstruction of Iraq after the 2003 invasion. Ms. Greenhouse, at the time the highest-ranking civilian-contracting official at the Army Corps of Engineers, had chief responsibility for reviewing adherence to Pentagon rules intended to shield awards from outside influence and promote competition. Her disclosures cost her her career, but also resulted in significant reforms prohibiting no-bid contracts. In 2019, the CBS prime time show “Whistleblower” told Ms. Greenhouse’s story. Watch a clip from the episode: Whistleblower exposes $7 billion no-bid Defense Department contract.

  • James J. Bobreski - Government Contract Fraud Whistleblower

James J. Bobreski

By KKC Staff|April 29th, 2019|

James Bobreski raised concerns about faulty chlorine gas alarms and the unlawful storage of over 100 tons of liquid chlorine by D.C. Water Sewer Authority.

  • Harry Barko - National Defense and Contract Fraud Whistleblower

Harry Barko

By KKC Staff|April 29th, 2019|

Harry Barko a former contract administrator for KBR in Iraq, discovered government contractors inflated the costs of construction services in Iraq.

  • Toni Savage - Government Contract Whistleblower

Toni Savage

By KKC Staff|April 28th, 2019|

Tommie Savage was a highly respected contracting officer at the Army Corps of Engineers who reported millions of dollars worth of fraud in the Army.