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  • James Connolly

James Connolly

By Joseph Orr|November 2nd, 2020|

Whistleblower James Connolly successfully used the California False Claims Act to hold the multinational bank and financial services company HSBC accountable for overcharging the California Public Employees Retirement System in foreign currency trading. The whistleblower exposed a complex scheme used by HSBC to overcharge the state retirement funds for FX Euro and British Pound transactions resulting in the loss of millions of dollars in pension funds. These losses directly impacted the funds available to pay retired California firefighters, police, and other public employees.

  • Aaron Westrick

Aaron Westrick

By KKC Staff|September 18th, 2019|

False Claims Act whistleblower Dr. Aaron Westrick forced the recall of thousands of unsafe bulletproof vests sold to law enforcement and the U.S. military. Dr. Westrick worked as a senior manager for the largest manufacturer of bulletproof vests.

As a whistleblower, he fought to protect police officers by forcing defective bulletproof vests off the market. In June 2005, the Department of Justice (DOJ) intervened in his lawsuit. Two weavers, Barrday and Hexcel, settled with the DOJ for $1 million and $15 million. In related qui tam actions, the government collected tens of millions as a direct result of Dr. Westrick’s disclosures.

The manufacturer, Second Chance Body Armor, admitted liability in its bankruptcy proceeding and paid the United States millions of dollars in damages. Dr. Westrick also prevailed in a related action filed under the State of California’s False Claims Act. On March 15, 2018, the DOJ announced a settlement in which the Japanese manufacturer of Zylon, Toyobo Co., Ltd., agreed to pay the United States $66 million.

In 2018, former Second Chance president and CEO, Richard C. Davis agreed to pay the government $125,000 to settle claims related to the Second Chance False Claims Act lawsuit.

  • Daniel Richardson - False Claims/Qui Tam Whistleblower - Healthcare Fraud

Daniel Richardson

By KKC Staff|September 10th, 2019|

Daniel Richardson is a former Senior District Business Manager for Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). Richardson prevailed in one of the largest qui tam whistleblower cases filed against a major pharmaceutical company for “off label” marketing and illegal kickbacks. Richardson, in conjunction with other whistleblowers, held BMS accountable under the False Claims Act.

Based on frauds primarily related to federal and state Medicare and Medicaid programs, the company had to pay $515 million in fines and penalties. The whistleblowers, including Mr. Richardson, obtained their mandatory qui tam whistleblower rewards, once again demonstrating how the whistleblower reward laws are the most powerful tool for holding fraudsters accountable.

  • Andrew Scollick - Qui Tam False Claims Whistleblower

Andrew Scollick

By KKC Staff|April 28th, 2019|

Andrew Scollick blew the whistle on a multi-million dollar scheme to systematically deny service-disabled small business veterans contracts.