Our Practice Areas

Our whistleblower services focus on using the most powerful laws to ensure that whistleblowers are protected and can obtain all of the monetary rewards they deserve.

Our whistleblower services

30 Years of Service

For over 30-years, we have litigated using nearly every whistleblower law and procedure to try to protect our clients. We actively helped write the modern whistleblower laws and regulations in order to ensure that they would protect and reward whistleblowers. Our whistleblower services focus on the following laws:

Tax Frauds, evasion, and underpayments
Our whistleblowers have triggered over $16 billion in recoveries based on illegal tax frauds and underpayments. They have obtained hundreds of millions in rewards.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
This law permits non-U.S. citizens to file anonymous claims for bribery paid internationally. We have clients on every continent on earth except Antarctica. FCPA whistleblowers are entitled to a mandatory reward of 10-30% of all sanctions and fines obtained;

Securities and Commodities Exchange Acts
These laws permit anonymous whistleblowing and mandatory whistleblower rewards of between 10-30% of all sanctions obtained. Although these laws are new, we have already won one of the largest SEC awards ever given (within the top three);

Money Laundering
Laws covering banking frauds also permit confidential or anonymous filing and mandatory rewards. We currently represent the whistleblower who exposed the largest money laundering scandal in history ($230 billion in illegal or suspicious transactions);

False Claims and Qui Tam
We have litigated numerous successful False Claims Act cases related to Medicare or Medicaid fraud, and other federal contracting abuses, including one of the largest cases ever successfully pursued against a multinational pharmaceutical company. We also represent qui tam whistleblowers in their reverse false claims cases.