Rules for Whistleblowers is The Ultimate Guide to Blowing the Whistle and Getting Rewarded

What’s Inside

This books covers all federal and state laws regarding whistleblowing, including protections, rewards, and procedures for whistleblowing.

Meet the Author

Stephen M. Kohn is considered the world’s leading authority on international whistleblower law, and behind some of todays modern whistleblower rules.

Introduction: The Revolutionary Roots of Modern Whistleblowing

Law Library

The Law Library is a free companion to the Rules for Whistleblowers, complete with relevant whistleblower cases and important links and resources.

Speaking Engagement

Stephen Kohn enjoys speaking to universities of all sizes, students and professionals, the media, general public, and government officials.

Stephen Kohn

Author, Rules for Whistleblowers
World Renowned Whistleblower Attorney
Establishing Legal Precedents Since 1984

Blow the Whistle. Protect Yourself.

It’s time we collectively put an end to fraud and corruption.

Learn how whistleblowers have saved lives, stopped frauds, protected their jobs, and earned million-dollar rewards for doing the right thing. Rules for Whistleblowers is Stephen M. Kohn’s seventh book on whistleblowing and is a fully updated and expanded revision of The Whistleblower’s Handbook, the first-ever comprehensive consumer guide to exposing workplace wrongdoing.

Kohn’s thirty-five rules highlight the “traps” facing whistleblowers today and address how to file anonymous cases and qualify for multi-million-dollar rewards. Kohn carefully explains complex rules governing laws including the Dodd-Frank, IRS, and False Claims Acts, as well as detailed strategies for fighting retaliation. He also covers controversial issues such as taping, removing documents, and ignoring nondisclosure agreements.

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