Tax Award Case No. 2015-11793

July 2023, our client obtained an award of $11.9 million in Tax Whistleblower Award in Case No. 2015-11793. The IRS whistleblower program offers substantial financial rewards to individuals who expose tax fraud. However, these rewards come with strict confidentiality and anonymity rules to protect the identities of whistleblowers, as seen in the case of Tax Whistleblower Award in Case No. 2015-11793.

Confidentiality and Anonymity Provisions:
The IRS whistleblower program is bound by strong legal and ethical mandates to protect the identities of those who come forward to report tax fraud. There are two main reasons behind this practice:

Protecting the whistleblower: Revealing the whistleblower’s identity could potentially lead to retaliation from those implicated in their report. Therefore, confidentiality is crucial to ensure the safety of the whistleblower. It provides a sense of security that encourages more individuals to come forward with valuable information without fear of reprisal.

Maintaining the integrity of the investigation: Revealing the details of a tax fraud investigation could potentially alert those under investigation, enabling them to alter evidence, challenge the investigation, or evade prosecution. Keeping such information confidential ensures that the IRS can conduct a thorough and effective investigation.

Implications of the Case:
The IRS Whistleblower Office, while being tight-lipped about the specific details of the case, confirms that the outcome of case No. 2015-11793 was successful, resulting in a significant award. This is a testament to the program’s effectiveness and its commitment to rewarding those who come forward with valuable information.

Despite the lack of specific details, this case highlights the role of the whistleblower in combating tax fraud and the importance of confidentiality in such cases. It demonstrates how individuals, their legal representatives, and the IRS can work together to uncover and address fraud while protecting the identities of those involved.

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