KKC Partner Releases New Book: Rules for Whistleblowers

Published On: June 1st, 2023Categories: Whistleblower News and Qui Tam Blog

On June 1, Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto founding partner Stephen M. Kohn released “Rules for Whistleblowers: A Handbook for Doing What’s Right (Lyons Press, 2023).

Rules for Whistleblowers, Kohn’s ninth book, lays out the tips and tricks to winning a whistleblower case drawn from his 39 years in the field.

“It is absolutely imperative for whistleblowers to know their rights,” says Kohn. “This can be the difference between being fired and blacklisted or qualifying for a multi-million-dollar award. Whistleblowers put everything at risk, and need to know how to protect themselves.”

Rules for Whistleblowers is a major update and expansion of Kohn’s original whistleblower treatise, the Whistleblower’s Handbook. The book is complete with guidance on fighting workplace retaliation and qualifying for rewards under various government whistleblower programs. Rules outlines the laws in play, dissects past case precedent, and educates readers on how to best protect themselves before, during, and after blowing the whistle and deals with difficult issues such as taping, removing documents, and working within compliance programs.

The new book features a foreword from Sherron Watkins, Enron whistleblower and 2002 TIME Person of the Year.

“Stephen Kohn has been a committed champion and defender of whistleblowers for over four decades,” says Watkins. “He sees each whistleblower in all their humanity, their courage, their integrity, their fears, their grief, loss and betrayal; and he fights for them to regain some semblance of their former life. His new book, Rules for Whistleblowers, is a fantastic resource for whistleblowers and those who wish to support whistleblowers.”

The Whistleblower Law Library, a free online companion to the book, is already available on the firm’s site.

All proceeds from sales to the book are being donated to the National Whistleblower Center.

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