Tax Award Case No. 2015-11701

In July 2023, our client was awarded a significant sum of $11.9 million due to their involvement in the Tax Whistleblower Award Case No. 2015-11701. The IRS’s program for whistleblowers is a crucial mechanism that incentivizes individuals to spotlight tax fraud. The program places immense emphasis on ensuring both confidentiality and anonymity, a principle clearly demonstrated in Case No. 2015-11701.

Key Provisions Surrounding Privacy
The foundation of the IRS’s whistleblower initiative is rooted in deep-seated legal and moral obligations to shield those who bravely report tax discrepancies. This confidentiality is crucial for:

  1. Safeguarding the Whistleblower: Exposing a whistleblower could subject them to potential backlash from the parties they reported. Hence, ensuring privacy not only protects them but also emboldens more people to disclose critical information without the looming threat of retaliation.
  2. Upholding the Investigation’s Credibility: Publicizing specifics of a tax investigation might inadvertently tip off the subjects under scrutiny. This could pave the way for them to tamper with evidence or find ways to circumvent the law. Discretion ensures the IRS can pursue comprehensive and unhampered investigations.
  3. Case Repercussions: Although the IRS Whistleblower Office remains discreet about the intricate details of this case, they’ve acknowledged the successful resolution of Case No. 2015-11701 with a reward. This outcome underscores the efficacy of the whistleblower initiative and its dedication to acknowledging those who provide information as an insider.

Even with the absence of granular details, the essence of this case underscores the pivotal role whistleblowers play in highlighting tax fraud. It’s a powerful example of the collaborative effort between individuals, their legal aides, and the IRS to tackle deceit, all the while keeping the participants’ identities concealed.

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