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John Roberts

John Roberts served as a Unit Chief in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Office of Professional Responsibility. He was a key investigator responsible for uncovering misconduct in many high-profile scandals within the FBI, including the Ruby Ridge shootings.

Kohn, Kohn and Colapinto obtained his permission to speak-out in a 60 Minutes broadcast about illegal retaliation within the FBI. Despite having obtained permission for making these public disclosures, Mr. Roberts was swiftly retaliated against, immediately after the broadcast. A Department of Justice Office of Inspector General investigation confirmed the illegal retaliation (part 1 and part 2 of the report), and for the first time in FBI history a senior level manager (an Assistant Director) was removed from his position based on his mistreatment of Mr. Roberts. The Roberts retaliation case was highlighted in a second 60 Minutes broadcast.