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Read frequently asked questions about whistleblower retaliation, including what to do if adverse action is being taken against you, as well as your anti-retaliation rights as a whistleblower under various employment laws.

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What Should I Do If I’m Facing Whistleblower Retaliation?

If you are facing whistleblower retaliation as a result of whistleblowing, immediately obtain legal counsel from a whistleblower attorney. The reason is simple – what you blow the whistle on and the method you use to make your disclosure will determine your rights going forward.

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Whistleblower Retaliation: Your Rights & Protections in the US

Many whistleblowers are completely surprised by their superiors lack of corrective oversight when they blow the whistle. And most are unaware of the laws that protect them. It is important for whistleblowers to first evaluate the risk of reporting fraud or misconduct, and to spend time understanding their rights before taking action, as retaliation is the most likely outcome.

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