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Whistleblower Protections for Federal Employees

There are over 50 U.S. whistleblower laws. This Rule outlines most of those laws, and Rules 5 through 14 provide further detail. Both the Federal Whistleblower Laws & Regulations and the False Claims Acts: Federal, State and Municipal qui tam Laws were updated in 2018.

Can Federal Employees Blow the Whistle on the President? (FAQs)

Can Federal Employees “Blow the Whistle” Confidentially? (FAQs)

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Federal Employee – Jury Trial Advocacy

The Whistleblower Protection Act covering federal employees does not authorize federal court proceedings. Numerous attempts have been made to permit federal court access, including:

  • House of Representatives supporting jury trials by a non-partisan vote of 331-94 on March 14, 2008: HR 985
    • The House Report on HR 985 Part 1
    • The House Report on HR 985 Part 11
  • In 2012 the Senate Committee with responsibility over federal employees also endorsed jury trials for federal employees in Senate Report 112-155.

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