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Rule 6: Get a Reward! False Claims Act/Qui Tam

“The bill offers…a reward to the informer who comes into court and betrays his co-conspirator, if he be such; but it is not confined to that class…I have based the [False Claims Act] upon the old-fashioned idea of holding out a temptation, and ‘setting a rouge to catch a rogue,’ which is the safest and most expeditious way I have ever discovered of bringing rogues to justice.”

Senator Jacob Howard, Statement upon sponsoring original False Claims Act in 1863

Read the case summaries of False Claims Act settlements by the Department of Justice from 2013-2016. These cases were initiated by whistleblowers using the qui tam provisions of the FCA.

The Department of Justice’s Statistics on Fraud Recoveries from the False Claims Act

The table below shows that since the FCA was modernized in 1986, whistleblowers account for almost 70 percent of all civil fraud recoveries.

1986 False Claims Act Reform

1986 Legislative History

Senate Proceedings

House Proceedings

False Claims Act Correction Act of 2007

False Claims Act Correction Act of 2008

False Claims Act Correction Act of 2009

Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009

Historical Versions of the False Claims Act

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