The widely-read Italian newspaper, la Repubblica, recently featured Stephen M. Kohn, a partner at Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto, in an article discussing the importance of whistleblowers in the United States. The report also addressed how provisions in U.S. whistleblower laws can protect and reward whistleblowers around the world.

In the article, Kohn explains how transnational programs help combat against bribery and fraud, and how many of his clients are now non-U.S. based. “Even if a country has made whistleblowing illegal, it does not matter: they can still be covered under the U.S. law. And a whistleblower can count on the right to be anonymous and confidential: your identity is not exposed in Italy or whatever country the person lives in.”

The piece details the immense and ever-growing amount of monies collected by the U.S. government every year from whistleblower’s tips, a nod to the success whistleblower reward laws have had since their emergence in the U.S.

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