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Read frequently asked questions about government contracting fraud, and learn about the measures anyone can take to safely and anonymously blow the whistle under qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act.

  • What are Kickbacks

What are Kickbacks?

Kickbacks often play a crucial role in fraud schemes designed to swindle taxpayer dollars from the United States Government. It is a general term used to describe the corrupt practice where illegal payments are made to garner preferential treatment and can be thought about as a form of bribery.

  • Government Published FAQ

Can I Rely On Government Published FAQs?

The U.S. government and a variety of offices publish FAQs for whistleblowers. These can be helpful, but they do not have the force and effect of law. No court or agency is required to follow a government whistleblower FAQ.

  • Coronavirus Whistleblowers

OSHA Whistleblowers: COVID-19 Protections

Section 11(c) protects workers who file complaints concerning unsafe working conditions. It also makes it an employer’s duty to ensure the organization is providing protective masks for hospital employees.

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