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Secretary of Labor Walsh’s Message to Whistleblowers “Every worker has the right to speak up”

Today, U.S. Secretary of Labor and former Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh spoke at the annual celebration of National Whistleblower Day, where he emphasized his support for whistleblowers in the federal workforce.

“I want to be clear: every worker has the right to speak up,” Walsh said in his keynote address. “If they’re mistreated, denied their rights, or have concerns about safety. And when an employer retaliates, it’s not only wrong, it’s illegal.”

As the head of the Department of Labor (DOL), Secretary Walsh is in charge of the federal agency tasked with the oversight of over 20 different whistleblower statutes, by far the most whistleblower statutes enforced by a single agency.

The parent agency of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the DOL oversees investigations into whistleblower retaliation cases concerning COVID-19 and workplace safety. The DOL also enforces laws protecting whistleblowers who disclose a wide range of other violations, from nuclear waste issues to aviation safety concerns.

“It is crucial for federal employees to know their rights and how to report misconduct,” said whistleblower attorney Stephen M. Kohn, partner at Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto. “We were pleased to hear Secretary Walsh’s support of federal employees who come forward information of fraud.”

Walsh was part of a panel called Government Leaders Support Whistleblowers! during the second day of the three-day celebration of National Whistleblower Appreciation Day, hosted by the National Whistleblower Center and Whistleblower Network News.

For information about National Whistleblower Day 2021, visit:

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