This Friday night, June 28 at 9/8c, the CBS summer series “Whistleblower” will feature the tale of Bunnatine (“Bunny”) Greenhouse, the highest-ranking civilian procurement official at the Army Corps of Engineers (“Army Corps”).

“Whistleblower” is a CBS investigative news show that reveals how ordinary people do extraordinary things by risking their careers, their families and even their lives to ensure others are not harmed or killed by unchecked, unethical corporate greed.

Ms. Greenhouse blew the whistle during the run-up to the Iraq War when she exposed how the government was about to issue a $12 billion no-bid, sole source contract to a Halliburton subsidiary, KBR. She was represented by whistleblower attorney Michael Kohn. The litigation battle ultimately propelled Ms. Greenhouse to become one of the nation’s most important and respected whistleblowers of all time.

“Bunny Greenhouse is to government contracting what Paul Revere was to the founding of our nation. She is a national treasure because she chose to risk everything to expose the greatest contracting fraud in the history of the nation,” said Kohn. “It was an eight-year litigation battle during which time we kept Bunny from getting fired and ultimately forced the government to pay Ms. Greenhouse one of the largest federal whistleblower payouts in history,” Kohn added.

Watch a clip from the episode: Whistleblower exposes $7 billion no-bid Defense Department contract


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